Evidence of Eternity chosen Book of the Month March 2015

Title: Evidence of Eternity
Author: Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony
Rating:  Must Read!
Publisher: Llewellyn
Web Page:
Publisher’s E-mail:
Reviewed by: Donna Gray Dave Gray

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer’s new book, “Evidence of Eternity” will keep the reader involved from beginning to end.

Anthony takes his readers on an enlightening journey that answers questions like “what happens when I die?”, “Is reincarnation real?” and “Is there a God?”

Each new chapter gives evidence that love transcends physical death, and is another awakening to what he calls the “Other Side.”

In a chapter titled “Levels of the Other Side”, Anthony explains “At any given moment we are surrounded by invisible waves of energy loaded with vast amounts of information. We may not be aware of this energy, but it’s there.”

And later says, “When our physical body ceases to function, the energy that was temporarily housed in that form is released to what I refer to as the Other Side.” “The Other Side contains a multitude of frequencies that may be thought of as levels.”

Evidence of Eternity” stands apart from other books written by mediums because it bridges the gap between the spiritual and the scientific. The author introduces new concepts such as “Spiritual Situational Awareness,” “Interdimensional Communication” “Multiple Meaning Messages,” and “Frequency Beacons” which describe in easy to understand language the intricacies and benefits of communicating with the Other Side.
The book provides powerful insights on painful subjects like crime, homicide, suicide, losing a child and survivor guilt.

Anthony suggests that interdimensional communication, which combines science and faith, helps to prove that life transcends death which reaffirms for the reader that God exists, Heaven exists, our souls are mortal living spirits, and that we will be reunited with our loved ones.

Anthony tells us that one of the purposes of interdimensional communication is to dispel fear by presenting evidence from the Light. He says, “People fear what they do not understand…”

The Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony’s book provides many examples of his gift of connecting with spirit. The deep, heartfelt stories of love and remembrance as told through Anthony’s gift of mediumship, will hold the reader’s interest throughout each chapter, and make them want to know when the next sequel will be available.

To visit and the review of Evidence of Eternity please visit:$spindb.query.listreview2.booknew.19324

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One Response to Evidence of Eternity chosen Book of the Month March 2015

  1. RT says:

    This is a sensational read of explaining so many things we think about in our quiet moments and in those times when we think of those we have lost…
    Each story unfolds with a lesson of reason that makes sense! No matter what religion or spiritual path one is on, this book does not conflict with ones belief system. If anything it reinforces it!
    Energy is not destroyed or created..It is transferred!
    We are all energies walking around in our body..When it comes down to it we are more than housing a brain and consciousness, we are a soul and EVIDENCE of ETERNITY by Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer makes it easy and logical to understand ..and be at peace with ones self and not fear death, but know it is a threshold to something more beyond our comprehension as we know it here on this plane.And we will see our loved ones, friends and even pets beyond this life. 5 Stars and cudos! Rocky Trainer

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