Grief is a road no one wants to take

Grief is a road no one wants to take yet one everyone is forced down at some point in life. The objective of the journey though grief is to accept the passing and eventually have inner peace with the death. This certainly is not easy, and the holidays seem to compound our pain.

As my good friend and fellow intuitive Nicole Quinn has said, “It is very tempting not to celebrate the holidays at all. You may be thinking, ‘What’s the point of Christmas without….?’ The point is, your loved ones in Spirit would never want you to skip a holiday or have a miserable one because of their passing. They want you to celebrate as you did when they were still here, because they are still with you in spirit.”

It is not disloyal to your loved one to celebrate a holiday. And, if not celebrating the holiday this year is too difficult, then don’t do anything which you are not ready to do. However, this is also the time to reach out to family and friends. They too may need the pleasure and comfort of your company.

For more information on positive ways of coping with the loss of a loved one, feel free to visit my website and review the bereaved resources section.

Wishing you a Blessed Holiday and one which brings you closer to inner peace.

God Bless you,

Mark Anthony

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