Live Long and Prosper Leonard Nimoy

For millions around the world the passing of Leonard Nimoy feels more like the death of a good friend then that of a celebrity.

Why is that?

Star Trek is more than just science fiction. It is a cultural phenomenon. On a personal level though, the death of Leonard Nimoy hits home for many reasons. As a resident of Florida’s Space Coast, I was certainly a fan of Star Trek. Many of my friends were NASA engineers and because of Star Trek, we shared a positive view of what the future could be like. Star Trek imagined an earth free of prejudice and violence and one where our differences were not cause for division but for unity.

Leonard Nimoy was the actor who brought the character of Spock to life. Spock was half Vulcan and half human. He was the steadfast and loyal friend of the courageous Captain Kirk who tempered Kirk’s cavalier behavior with logic and intelligence. Yet on a deeper level Spock resonated with many fans—including me.

Spock struggled with his identity. He longed to fit in to Vulcan society where logic, intellectual excellence and physical strength were highly prized values. But it wasn’t that easy for Spock. Being half human gave him a deeply emotional side which he worked hard to suppress. He also possessed what could be considered psychic abilities. In short, Spock was one complicated character who contained something relatable for just about everyone who didn’t quite fit into the “in” crowd.

As a psychic child, I never really fit in. It is hard enough to be a kid, but when you’re different and have strange abilities that others don’t understand, this creates quite a challenging childhood. There were times I just wanted to be like everyone else and not be afraid to be who I really was.

Then one day after school everything changed. I got hooked on a syndicated show called Star Trek. Finally, in Spock I found a role model. He was talented and different. He was subjected to prejudices and name calling. But it was his unique abilities which not only made him stand apart from the crowd but to stand out in the crowd. Because of his unusual gifts Spock became essential to the success of Starship Enterprise’s mission of discovery.

Nimoy’s Spock showed us that the true adventure in life may not be exploring strange new worlds, but instead exploring the depths of our own being. Through self-discovery one can see that being unusual isn’t something to fear, but something to revere.

And for that, I thank you Leonard Nimoy—may your spirit “Live Long and Prosper…”


Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer®

Author of Evidence of Eternity

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3 Responses to Live Long and Prosper Leonard Nimoy

  1. Mona Kinnel says:

    Very well put. I most certainly can relate, being very different from those around me and just never really fitting in. Even today, in my eary 60’s, I stand apart from most around me….amongst them, but not like most of them. It’s truly been a jouney of revelation for me to learn to accept and embrace all that I am. As time goes on, layers continue to drop away, sometimes painfully, as I am faced to gaze upon the real me. What we most often want to display to others is often an illusion, but when all of it finally falls away and we make it through the shock of total exposure, we begin to catch a glimpse of our many facets, coming into the knowledge that we are really not that different at all. Some of us work so hard on trying to be what we perceive as normal that most of us share the same things, we just pick and choose what we are willing to reveal. Mr. Spock taught us much about ourselves and the universe around us…Thanks and love to Leonard for being the host to our unique teacher. He will be greatly missed.

  2. Randi Rom says:

    Thank You for such great words…and such great truth. He was indeed a pioneer in showing us it is our right to be really who we are…and ever facet of that brilliance. He will be missed…but never forgotten.

  3. Jane in WVa says:

    Mark and Mona, you said it truly. I, too, never fit in my surroundings as a teenager in the 60’s. Even today, when faced with something unpleasant I have to deal with, I go into my “Spock” frame of mind. Star Trek, absolutely a cultural phenomenon. Never before or since has there been any other movie or TV series to compare. How many spin off professionally done series, not counting fan series; how many movies with the IDIC and the Prime Directive (which should have guided what became the “cargo culture” in the South Pacific). . Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy. G-d Bless. I hope you are watching from a higher plane and can see and hear how many people will miss you and the wonderful examples you set as an actor, an humanitarian, and a guy with just some plain common sense. We cannot forget the Great Bird of the Galaxy who provided the outline of a truly wonderful future fleshed out by the original and succeeding actors. I wonder how many other students thought about or actually went into the space program because of this single television program. I know I wanted to be a part of NASA. In my home cultural surroundings, it did not happen, but I watched it happen for others and was happy for them.

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