MARK ANTHONY the PSYCHIC LAWYER® will be on tour of Colorado July 15-18.

Mark entertains, educates and intrigues audiences by removing fear and superstition surrounding spirit contact and the afterlife, consoling victims of crime, homicide and suicide and connecting audience members with loved ones in spirit.

He will be speaking and conducting readings for audience members:

Friday July 17 at 7 pm at THE CARITAS CENTER, 5723 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder Colorado. For tickets & info call: 303-449-3066  or to order your tickets on line please visit: 

Saturday July 18 at 7 pm at THE RAMADA PLAZA CONFERENCE CENTER, 10 East 120th Ave., Denver, Colorado. For tickets & info call FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE BOOKSTORE: 303-964-9339 or to order your tickets on line please visit:

MARK ANTHONY the PSYCHIC LAWYER® (also known as THE PSYCHIC EXPLORER) is an Oxford educated attorney, a world-renowned fourth generation medium and a bestselling author. He brings healing, humor and help from the other side. Mark is featured regularly on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX Television, major talk radio and print media.

His new bestselling, provocative, and controversial book EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY transports the reader on an uplifting and soul inspiring journey into the afterlife which bridges the gap between the scientific and the spiritual. It is endorsed by the top near-death experience (NDE) researchers in the world.

EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY explains innovative, complex, and esoteric concepts in easy-to-understand language.  Inspirational, gripping, edgy and occasionally humorous true stories drive each chapter to educate, entertain, enlighten and console the reader.” ~The Hollywood Times

Not everyone believes in an Afterlife. They will if they read this book! ~Spirituality Today

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