My Thanks to You

Recently Never Letting Go, hit number 1 on Amazon’s New Age Best Seller list for the fourth time in the last year. I cannot thank all of the readers enough for this tremendous and humbling honor.

Since the release of Never Letting Go, I have had the privilege of touring the U.S. to promote it through book signings, media appearances and lectures. I’ve met so many incredible people and it has been the great adventure of my life.

However, I’ve also seen the profound grief and sadness which the death of a loved one has levied upon so many. It is heart wrenching to see the anguish and pain left in the wake of loss.

Several people have confided to me how Never Letting Go has helped them cope with their grief. Some even told me it saved them from taking their own lives. I am overwhelmed and humbled to say the least.

Thank you again for your kindness and support.

Be at Peace this very special week.

God Bless,

Mark Anthony



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