“Never Letting Go” a guide to Grief Management

“Never Letting Go” is about Grief Management with help from the Other Side. Spirits realize we are suffering with grief and they can come to your rescue, provided you know what to look for. That is why this book teaches, comforts, guides and inspires.

“Never Letting Go” teaches you to recognize when your loved ones in spirit are with you.

This book comforts you with healing messages from the Other Side.

It is a book which guides you to find your own way through grief.

And “Never Letting Go” inspires you by providing evidence of the afterlife.

If you’re going to read one book on grief–this is it. One thing I’ve learned as an attorney and as a psychic medium is that information doesn’t change people–stories do. This book is based on real stories about real people who may be just like you. They are facing the devastation of the loss of a loved one, and have to find a way through it.

In my work as an attorney I’ve seen so many lives shattered by the death of a loved one. As a medium, I’ve seen how so many people who don’t learn to manage grief end up turning to alcohol, drugs, impulsive behaviors and crime.  In a sense grief can lead to crime which leads to the creation of more grief.

I invite you to read this engaging and compelling guide through the journey of grief. You can order it now through Amazon.com


Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer

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