Review of “Never Letting Go” by Cyrus A. Webb

C. A. Webb “Conversations Book Club”
 reviewed Never Letting Go: Heal Grief with Help from the Other Side

Author Mark Anthony Reminds Us All That When It Comes To Our Loved Ones We Never Have To Let Go August 11, 2012

Dying and death are not easy topics for anyone one to really grapple with, but it is something that regardless of who we are has to be dealt with at some point. When you lose someone you love, there is usually the feelings of emptiness and loneliness that accompany it. What a book like NEVER LETTING GO by Mark Anthony does, however, is give you comfort as you grieve.

There will be some that will disagree with Anthony and others about what happens at death and our loved ones. That’s ok. He even shares in the book that not all will agree with reaching out to the other side, but I think individuals of faith will be able to resonate with the core of the book: knowing that our Heavenly Father and those we love would want us to be able to move on and thrive.

Anthony writes: “The healing comes from knowing that your loved one in spirit is happy, safe, and free of the ills that plagued him or her while living in the material world. It is also important for a person here to know that the sacrifices he or she made for someone who died are appreciated.” (p.202)

Anthony shares in the book that for him mediumship is a “gift of healing from God.” His mother helped him to see that death is not the end. He is now able to share that with us, and those who are willing to believe in something more than themselves.

I see this book as a conversation piece for anyone who feels as though they lack closure when it comes to a deceased loved on. It might not come in the form you want, but this book does show that we can find joy and the strength to move on. In the end, this is what our loved one would want anyway.

Delivered with compassion and love, NEVER LETTING GO reminds us that when it come to our loved ones we never have to.

Never Letting Go has been #1 on Amazon’s New Age Best Seller List and can be ordered at all fine bookstores and on line:


You can also order it on line from Barnes & Noble:


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5 Responses to Review of “Never Letting Go” by Cyrus A. Webb

  1. Sharon Clanton says:

    I can’t tell you how much this book helped me.

  2. Leland Ronzheimer. says:

    Thank You for being on Coast to Coast Mark. It has been eye opening. You have answered a lot of questions that I had.
    Thanks again.

    Leland Ronzheimer
    Orlando, Florida.

  3. Lois Lang says:

    Loved the heartwarming stories that have lifted my spirits and are helping me to “let go of the sorrow, but hold on to the love.” I am looking forward to more “contact” with otherside and have renewed faith that life is eternal. Thank you, Mark.

  4. sally hernandez says:

    exactly what I have been trying to find. My personal story could be a chapter in Mark’s next book. haven’t read the book yet but did order the kindle version tonight. thank you.

  5. After reading *NEVER LETTING GO* I felt a strange kind of peace, though I already did believe that our loved ones go on. It had been a while since I looked at the story of my son’s life and death. I’m a better escape artist than Houdini, and didn’t realize I wasn’t looking at the residual grief inside of me.

    When I heard Mark Anthony on the radio I felt pestered to by the book. Then I saw a group on Facebook called Never Letting Go, and I began to lurk, reading things that took me back and connected me to my grief again. At first I felt uncomfortable, then I felt strong urges to post and interact with others who were grieving loved ones.

    Not long after, I felt better and better, and songs came on the radio that spoke to me of my son, my mother, and all of those who were gone too soon. I found myself smiling and singing those songs while doing chores and sometimes they replayed in my head, which made me look out the windows and up to the sky. Still not sure if my imagination ran off without me, I think that my interactions with Mark Anthony’s private FB page did that for me. I feel like a weirdo, but that’s the God’s honest truth.

    Thank you Mark Anthony. 🙂 for making me feel better … even if it meant uncovering the deepest darkest grief unprocessed. The best of it is, I began to see my son laughing and being himself. I missed him so much. Confession: I never really truly believed he was right next tome. I do now. 🙂

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