Review of “Never Letting Go” by the Institute for Global Transformation

Never Letting Go

By Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony is an Oxford educated trial attorney located in Florida. He’s probably not someone you would think about as a medium or a person you would consider contacting to connect you with those who have passed on. After reading his book, however, I would say that he should probably be your first choice. He doesn’t spend much time trying to justify his ability; he simply recounts many experiences that he has had in his service work of helping people who are in need of some connection with a loved one who has passed over.

Mark comes from a family whose members share this ability, especially his mother. They can see, hear and feel the presence of those spirits who come to them in order to communicate with the living. This is a very important point to Mark; the spirits come to him because he is speaking with someone who needs that communication. It is not happenstance.

The case files shared by Mark dramatically show the unfinished business that creates the necessity for such communication. These files run the gamut from intense love and therefore a feeling of great loss to intense anger, which brings its own array of emotions. The communications facilitated by Mark provide a great opportunity to transmute feelings that have paralyzed or kept loved ones from moving forward with their lives.

No attempt is made to prove his contacts; that is for the reader to determine. However, the varied scope of the contacts and the obvious conclusion that he could not know the specific information given to him by the spirits, indicates that there is validity to the service Mark provides.

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Reviewed by Matthew Miller, Arts Branch Chair


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