The Circle of Light

A Circle of Light occurs when spiritual people gather together to pray and meditate to achieve a positive result. This is a means of raising your vibrational energy in harmony with like minded individuals in order to create a whole greater than the sum of the parts. It is easy, simple to do, fun and a means of “becoming the change you wish to see in the world”.

From the beginning of time people have utilized the power of a Circle of Light. A Circle of Light occurs whenever people join to pray for peace, healing or devotional purposes. Hindus collectively chant the names of God. Buddhists meditate as a group. Catholics pray the rosary in unison. Christian prayer rings. Muslims praying together five times a day. All of these form a Circle of Light.

The group consciousness must be focused on purely positive objectives. This energy must never be used for negativity. You will attract to you what you emit. If you send out negative energy to the Universe, this negativity comes back to you. If on the other hand, you emit positive energy, it too will come back to you.

As a Psychic and Medium I often use the positive power of the Circle of Light. I have a group of friends who are fellow Mediums. We realize that we have been given a service gift which must be used in the service of others, not for service to self. We meet regularly and employ the Circle of Light to enhance our abilities.

We utilize the Circle of Light to connect with the White Light which is the Spiritual Energy of God. The White Light is a powerful and cleansing force. Visualizing the White Light flowing through you from your crown chakra through every cell in your body bringing health and inner peace is extremely important for anyone’s spiritual development.

When this is done by a group of like minded people it is extremely potent. Using the Circle of Light we connect with our spirit guides, Angelic entities and the White Light. Our objective is to help each other in our mission as Light workers. As Light workers it is our task to assist other people through our gift. It is essential for us to help a person suffering with grief to connect with a loved one on the Other Side. Therefore it is vital that we be the best Mediums possible.

Yet everyone can benefit from a Circle of Light. For those of you who may not practice Mediumship, or for those who are in the process of Psychic development or just wish to raise your spiritual awareness, I cannot stress the importance of forming a Circle of Light enough.

All you need to do is to find a group of like minded individuals. Even if your Circle of Light only starts with two people, that is enough. Start off with a prayer, maybe something universal, such as the Prayer of St. Francis. Then follow with some positive affirmations such as “I am a clear channel for God’s peace, love and Light”. Develop your own affirmations if you prefer. That may be enough to begin, but you may soon wish to engage in a guided meditation. One person may wish to lead the meditation or you may listen to one on tape or CD.

A theme for your Circle of Light’s session is important. Perhaps the first session is on clearing your mind. Another theme may be to overcome anger and finding the strength to forgive. Focusing your collective energy on healing either yourself or someone in the group or sending someone not present healing energy, a.k.a. remote healing, is a positive endeavor.

The goal of a Circle of Light is not the accumulation of material wealth, although I have known people to focus on prosperity. A Circle of Light is a tool to raise awareness and focus vibrational energy. The aspiration may be for peace, both around you and inner peace, healing, both physical and emotional and for spiritual development.

As you advance you may use the Circle of Light in Psychic development. One session may involve a meditation to connect with your spirit guides. Maybe you wish to try remote viewing. After your initial prayers and affirmations have everyone focus on a person or place. See what details you perceive in your mind’s eye. After the meditation, write down the details, facts, feelings and descriptions of things or events. Compare notes with the other members. You may be surprised at what you achieved collectively. In fact, these techniques have been used to locate missing people.

The focus of the Circle of Light must always be for the higher good. Remember, your feelings become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits and your habits define who you are. When you are in the habit of focusing your intent upon positive energy, then you become a positive person which is an essential step toward elevating your spirituality. This is the power of a Circle of Light.


Mark Anthony is a Medium who communicates with spirits on the Other Side. A student of religion, philosophy, spiritualism and history, Mark has studied under John Edward, Sylvia Browne and tutors from the Arthur Findlay College in England. He earned his Juris Doctorate degree in 1985 which included study at Oxford University in England.

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