I was honored to be invited by Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio (Talk News Minneapolis, Mn) to be a keynote speaker at the “End of Days Paranormal Conference,” which was held at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

The Stanley Hotel enjoys the reputation for being one of the most haunted hotels in the United States. It was also the setting for the classic Steven King horror film “The Shining.” In fact, room 217 is allegedly the epicenter of paranormal activity at The Stanley. Although I’m not one to jump to conclusions that just because there is paranormal activity somewhere that it is naturally “evil” or negative, but I did raise an eyebrow when I saw my reservation was for room 211 a few doors down the hall from the notorious room 217.

My road manager Rocky and I checked into our suite, we decided to light a white candle and say some prayers for protection and to bless our trip. She is a devout Catholic and as an “almost” Catholic priest I decided it couldn’t hurt. Armed with a white Yankee Candle and a rosary, we said some prayers to guide us on our journey and for protection. At the conclusion of our prayers, I realized I felt more relaxed. Rocky too seemed more at ease and this underscored my position on prayer—it raises vibrational frequency and helps one to become more focused and centered.

Many high profile ghost hunters where attending and speaking at the conference. Many of them were using equipment which theoretically tunes into or picks up ultra-high frequencies which are said to detect the “voices” of spirits. I must say that many of the demonstrations were fascinating.

Rocky and I attended ghost hunts on two nights. The first night we were in the Lodge which is next to the main hotel. Some of the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) equipment seemed to pick up a few words and phrases from spirits. The ghost hunter working with the equipment was convinced he heard the word “demon” although Rocky and I both understood it to be “Steven.”

As an attorney I have learned it is best to remain objective when assessing a case. As a medium, I have found my legal training and experience compliments my spiritual work. It is important to remain neutral and objective and not “fill in the blanks” with preconceived ideas that spectral phenomenon is necessarily negative. This also coincides with the objectives of “Evidential Mediumship,” which requires one to bring forth verifiable facts and evidence from a spiritual entity without jumping to conclusions.

It appeared that many of the “ghost hunters” seemed to want the contact to involve negative spirits. What I did find refreshing was that the team of paranormal investigators on staff at The Stanley did not jump to these conclusions. Their work was based on compiling facts and evidence during the investigations which was then examined in a clinical setting after the investigation. Lisa and Connor were two of the investigators who worked for The Stanley. Their professionalism was exemplary.

It is my belief that investigations of spiritual activity should be approached professionally and without preconceived notions. Employing the scientific method is of paramount importance and the only way that paranormal investigations can be taken seriously by the scientific community.

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