The last day of The End of Days Paranormal Conference hosted by Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio started around midday on November 17, 2012.

I was the final speaker. My presentation was about Interdimensional Communication and Understanding the Science of Spirit Contact. The crowd was extremely receptive and it seemed to pave the way for the final night of paranormal investigations.

The second night of ghost hunting started for Rocky and I in the notorious Room 217. There were a couple hundred attendees at the conference and those who were participating in the paranormal investigations were broken up into groups of about twenty people. This way the attendees could be split up into smaller groups and rotated throughout the various locations at The Stanley.

It was a clear and cold night without a cloud in the sky. The Stanley Hotel is a combination of a luxury resort with the elegance of the Old West. Could there be a better setting to look for ghosts?

When Rocky and I arrived at Room 217 several people were in the room and the investigators were using several different types of electronic equipment. The room was quite dim as the investigators like lower light levels in the event a “shadow person” emerges.

I find this interesting because I never have trouble communicating or detecting spirits—and in fully lighted conditions. But then—something extraordinary happened. A shadow began to emerge in the corner of the room. It appeared to the investigators to be a shadow person. Many of the attendees became fearful that they were experiencing contact from the dark levels of the Other Side.

“Mark—do you sense anything?” the investigator asked.

“I do,” I replied as I approached the corner where the shadow now loomed high and filled the corner. I didn’t feel any negativity. In fact, I felt the energy of a spirit reaching out in fellowship and friendliness.

“His name is Paul, and he says there is a grandfather figure with him. Now, the grandfather is coming through and he died of a heartattack—he wants to make contact,” I explained.

A voice from the other side of the room emerged from the dark.

“My grandfather just died a few weeks ago,” a young woman said, “is it him?”

“He says ‘It is time for you to have a good day’” I conveyed what seemed to be a message which made no sense.

The young woman, barely out of her teens came over to me. She was weeping softly.

“We were so close. Since he died—I can’t sleep. I haven’t had a good day—that means so much to me,” she replied as she hugged me.

And with that, the lights came on and the next group of ghost hunters arrived. It was time to move on to another location in The Stanley.

Fascinating how we can jump to conclusions that spirit contact is scary when in this case, a grandfather’s love and concern reached out from the Other Side.


At nearly 2 am on Sunday morning Rocky and I headed to the next location which was the tunnel beneath The Stanley Hotel. The Stanley Hotel was built in 1909 atop a large granite deposit. The granite is loaded with quartz crystals. This is significant since because such a huge concentration of crystals amplifies frequency and radio waves. It dawned on me that The Stanley is sitting atop a huge amplifier.

As a medium what I do is tune into frequency. The theory is that mediumistic activity is regulated by the pineal gland inside our brain. The pineal gland is known to house small magnetite and calcite crystals. Magnetite has an electro-magnetic field and calcite is a quartz crystal. It must be remembered that early radios were quartz crystals with copper wire running low levels of electrical current through them. In short, inside the human head is an antenna, receiver and transmitter.

The reason this is significant is that when one comes into close proximity to such an immense field of frequency, such as The Stanley Hotel, it may intensify our naturally occurring mediumistic abilities.

This certainly seemed to be the case in the early morning hours in the tunnel beneath The Stanley. The ghost hunter/investigator had about a dozen of us stand in the dark while he listened to his equipment which is supposed to detect spirit activity.

No one was disappointed as the equipment began to go off the scale. However, that was the least significant event.

Everyone was looking in one direction. Rocky however, always a fan of movies felt she should look behind us. She later confided in me that she’d seen too many horror movies where a boogie man would sneak up on a crowd of people from behind.

And guess what? Rocky was the first to notice a strange anomaly forming about 20 feet behind us.

“Look! Everyone turn around!” she said emphatically, “There’s a green light taking shape down the tunnel!”

The crowd turned and several people gasped.

A green light was indeed forming on the rock wall at the far end of the tunnel. A band of undulating black and green “ribbon” appeared along the side of cave like structure.

“It’s a demon!” the ghost hunter cried out. The crowd became alarmed.

Not sure if fortune really favors the foolish, I decided to walk into the energy pattern.

“Be careful Mark!” a voice called out to me from the dark.

“He can’t help himself,” came Rocky’s reply.

I must admit half way into it I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I wondered if I was proverbially biting off a bigger chunk then I could chew. And then—I felt the energy of this being—or rather group of beings.

Suddenly, I felt a familiar energy by my side.


“Relax you’re fine, it’s nothing scary,” came her reply from the Other Side.

I almost burst out laughing and then I realized my mother Jeannie’s spirit was with me.  She was a very gifted medium when she was here in the material world, and it dawned on me Jeannie would certainly never miss out on something as fun as ghost hunt.

I also realized that I was now standing before this green and black energy pattern which appeared to be intelligent, but in a non-human way. This reminded me of something I’d experienced when I was working with mediums in England. They referred to this energy as an elemental. Or, as my friend Jane Dawson from Scotland called it, “A fairy.”

There was a time in my life when I would’ve scoffed at the notion of something like a fairy or a pixie. However, these are names given to spiritual entities that are not human or angelic. Elementals are intelligent non-human energies. They are not necessarily evil or even negative for that matter. They simply are tuned into a different frequency than we are, and are more connected to the earth and to nature.

I explained this to the group of fellow ghost hunters.

“Its energy is approaching me!” the ghost hunter exclaimed, “It is like a huge lava lamp and its covering me!”

“She,” I explained as the fairy had a feminine feel to her, “is studying you.”

“Why is she studying me?” the ghost hunter wanted to know.

“Well—aren’t you studying her?”

“Yeah—hadn’t thought about that—I guess they’re curious about us too,” he said sounding relieved.

“She’s curious why we’re so interested in her. She means no harm and feels very peaceful,” I explained.

Lisa and Connor who are on staff at The Stanley as paranormal investigators asked to speak with me after this encounter.

“It seems that your impressions and our conclusions are very similar,” Lisa said.

“I like the objective approach,” Connor said, “You take the fear out of the contact.”

“It is my belief that there is nothing to fear. Being afraid of spirits is like being afraid of the grass because it is green or the sky because it is blue,” I replied. “Their frequency and our frequency overlap. It isn’t an invasion from the Other Side, it is just the way of the universe—or of the multi-verses.”

As it was approaching 4 am, it was time to retire. Rocky and I returned to our suite.

The next morning we said farewell to so many friends and new friends we’d made at The Stanley. It was sad, almost like the end of a family reunion—but also happy in that I somehow feel we’ll all be together again in the dark, electronic equipment whizzing and buzzing searching for empirical evidence of the Other Side.

I cannot thank the staff of The Stanley or Dave Schrader enough for this incredible opportunity. I highly recommend a visit to The Stanley for anyone interested in spectral phenomenon, or anyone who appreciates the sheer beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer has devoted his life to helping people cope with the death of a loved one. He believes that spirit contact with the loved one is an important step in the journey through greif. For more information on Mark Anthony’s hit best seller “Never Letting Go” and to view the brief video on this book about coping with the death of a loved one please visit:

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  1. Linda Spaeth says:

    If anyone can take the “angst” out of gangster spirits, it’s Mark. I love his approach to not letting fear take hold and he proved it here at the Stanley Hotel. He walked right into where others fear to tread. Having his Mom show up was icing on the cake. The paranormal investigators should truly get a hold on themselves…not everything is negative, evil, nasty or hurtful. How lovely a grandfather contacted his granddaughter and I loved the way he turned the fairy encounter around – yes, they are curious about us too…cool !!! I am a believer in Elementals as well as shadow spirits and they have not done anything to hurt me in any way. In fact, they are very helpful and rewarding. Mark, I loved this blog and thank you so much for sending me the link which I missed reading the first time you posted. The only thing I would have loved to have seen was the paranormals videos and EVP’s to visually and audibly back this up. Also thank you to Rocky for catching the Elemental that might have been missed. Mark has taught you well girl…you weren’t scared…you’ve got brass – (invisible angel wings on your shoulder) !!!

  2. Mark Anthony says:


    Thank you for the input. When I was in the cave beneath The Stanley I did see what appeared to be chips of rock glittering in the rock walls of the cave. So, if the Hotel is not atop a concentration of quartz, then there must be another explanation for the “excessive” paranormal activity there other the amplifier theory.

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