The Never Letting Go Tour: The Stanley Hotel For Heaven’s Sake!

This week I will be returning to Colorado for “The End of Days Paranormal Conference & Ghost Hunt.” This metaphysical event of the year is sponsored by Dave Schrader’s Darkness Radio Show on Fox News AM 1130 Minneapolis, Minnesota and also broadcast worldwide via the internet.

The End of Days Paranormal Conference & Ghost Hunt starts on November 15, 2012 at The Stanley Hotel in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. This is an incredibly appropriate venue since The Stanley Hotel was the setting for the Steven King film The Shining.

While I’m not worried that the festivities will be disrupted by an axe wielding Jack Nicholson, The Stanley has long been considered one of the premier haunted vacation destinations in the U.S. Ghost Hunts are popular at The Stanley and this week promises to be a Ghost Hunter’s dream come true.

The infamous Room 217  is the epicenter of paranormal phenomenon at The Stanley.  Some believe it is a vortex or a portal between this world and another dimension.

Many people who’ve stayed in Room 217 have reported otherworldly contact. One of the most notable incidents involved Jim Carrey who stayed in Room 217 while filming a movie. According to the staff of The Stanley, a terrified Jim Carrey who was wearing only pajamas ran screaming out of the room in the middle of the night. When he regained his composure, he refused to set foot ever again in The Stanley. Mr. Carrey ordered his belongings sent to him at another hotel.

Was this some kind of macabre encounter with another dimension, or a clever publicity stunt? In any case the amazingly talented actor who brought The Mask to life may have met his match from the Other Side!

While I am a medium who communicates with spirits, I am also an attorney. I require proof by verifiable evidence before I will accept whether a place, even one as famous as The Stanley is “haunted.” That is why I look forward to investigating The Stanley with my colleagues from various metaphysical disciplines.

As a Keynote Speaker, on Saturday, November 17 at 1 pm I will give a presentation on “Interdimensional Communication: Understanding Spirit Contact.”

This presentation will focus on the science behind spirit contact and the physiological basis which enables us to communicate with the spirit realm. My position on contact with the spirit realm focuses on taking the superstition and fear out of spirit contact and seeing it for what it really is—communication with another dimension which overlaps our dimension. I look forward to conducting gallery readings as well.

Dianne Fresquez of Denver’s For Heaven’s Sake Metaphysical Center and Bookstore will be joining me after the presentation. Dianne is a dear friend and metaphysical colleague. She will be bringing with her copies of my best-selling book Never Letting Go which will be on sale after my presentation. I look forward to this book signing!

Monday, November 19 brings me to Denver where I will be presenting a talk on Spirit Contact and conducting gallery readings at none other than—you guessed it—For Heaven’s Sake Metaphysical Center and Bookstore located at 4900 West 46th Avenue, Denver, Colorado. This event will begin at 7 pm. I’m looking forward to returning to For Heaven’s Sake.

I’m looking forward to sharing more encounters with the Other Side with all of you!

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