The Never Letting Go Tour: The Sword of Joy

Recently during the Never Letting Go book tour, I conducted a reading for a woman whose son had passed. The loss of a child is a pain beyond comprehension. No mother should ever have to see a child die, and this was a particularly tragic passing.

A tremendous amount of evidence came through from the Other Side. Toward the end of the reading this woman wanted to know if she could ask a question.

“Of course,” I replied.

“My son had tattoos, can you see what they were?” she asked.

It is not unusual for clients to ask me validation question. She needed to know that this was truly her son who was communicating.

I opened myself to frequency and trusted in God to guide the correct information to come to me.

Spirit contact is subtle and can be very diffuse, yet the first image I saw was unmistakable.

“I see a skull,” I conveyed.

“He did have a skull tattoo!” She exclaimed.

“And a bird—I’m trying to make out exactly the type of bird,” I described

“He had a tattoo of a blue bird!”

“There is also a sword and it is a really intense image,” I responded.

“No the sword makes no sense whatsoever,” she said sounding disappointed.

Although I was “two out of three” I could not let the image of the sword go. I knew this was significant, so I kept focusing. The image of the sword then began to move.

After years of conducting readings I’ve learned to give what I get no matter how bizarre. I described the vision I was receiving.

“I’m seeing the sword—almost dancing—it is now flying around and landing right in the middle of this large stone. It looks like the image of Excalibur—the sword from the King Arthur legend. It literally is ‘The Sword in the Stone.’”

The client started at me. I could see a single tear roll down her cheek.

“That was his favorite movie as a boy,” she said softly, “‘The Sword in the Stone,’ he must have watched the video of that film 50 times.”

I stood silent as I saw her face turn from an expression of pain and sadness to one of joy and peace. It seemed as if her son’s spirit had given her the strength to pull the sword of joy from the stone of sadness.



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