The Never Letting Go Tour: Unexpected Contact in Salem

It was October 28 and I had just concluded a lecture and gallery reading at Circles of Wisdom bookstore and metaphysical center in Andover, Massachusetts. On the way back to our hotel in Boston, my road manager Rocky and I decided to stop in Salem for dinner.

Hurricane Sandy’s outer bands were beginning to affect New England. The crisp and clear autumn weather had now been replaced by an ominous wind and rain. As we entered Salem, we could see the Halloween festivities were thinning out as the costumed visitors were seeking shelter in restaurants and bars.

Salem’s Lobster Shanty a local “hole in the wall” with some of the best lobster I’ve ever eaten was a welcome relief from the cold wind and rain. After an amazing dinner and a lot of laughs with people in rain soaked Halloween costumes, Rocky and I decided to head back to Boston.

However, as we left, Rocky said she’d always wanted to see the House of the Seven Gables. It was near the Lobster Shanty so figured we catch a glimpse from the car before our sojourn to Boston.

Moments later we drove by this ancient house popularized in literature and film. Suddenly, the wind intensified. It took all I had to steady the car on the narrow road in front of the House of the Seven Gables. We drove by the dark street and saw the famous house illuminated by lights. Continuing forward we passed darkened woods. I felt a cold chill resonate through my body—the type of sensation I often receive when communicating with a spirit.

“Why did you say that?” Rocky asked.

“I didn’t say anything,” I replied.

“No—you did say something—you said ‘And then it all fell apart.’”

“And then it all fell apart?” I repeated, “Are you sure, I don’t remember saying anything.”

“The weird thing is, it wasn’t your voice,” she said looking concerned.

“I guess we’d better leave Salem before something falls apart,” I joked.

“How can you say that—it’s kind of spooky,” Rocky replied.

“Yes, but it didn’t feel malevolent—just wanting to make contact. A lot of spirit contact is misinterpreted as something sinister when in actuality, the spirit just wants to communicate with the Material World,” I explained.

Things that might be considered weird happen to me all the time. It is just that I am usually prepared for the contact. This night was different.

As we departed Salem and headed into the dark of a windy and rainy night, it seemed like Halloween had come early.

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