February 21st is Presidents Day which honors the leaders of the United States. These men had to make difficult and life changing decisions which have affected not only the United States of America, but the entire world.

Since the dawn of time people in positions of authority have sought the insight of people with psychic ability. The fascinating thing is that there is nothing new or unusual about leaders seeking advice from psychics.

From Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs to British Prime Ministers, people with “paranormal” abilities have been consulted by world leaders. This includes 15 Presidents of the United States:

  • Abraham Lincoln,
  • James Garfield,
  • William McKinley,
  • Teddy Roosevelt,
  • Woodrow Wilson,
  • Warren G. Harding,
  • Calvin Coolidge,
  • Herbert Hoover,
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
  • Harry Truman,
  • John F. Kennedy,
  • Lyndon Johnson,
  • Richard Nixon,
  • Ronald Reagan,
  • Bill Clinton.

Some of these men are considered the best leaders produced by this country.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts with your fellow readers.

And, given the problems confronting the United States, do you think President Obama should consider consulting with a psychic?

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