Public Presentation: Evidence for the Afterlife 7:30 pm

Aquarian Dreams

414 North Miramar Avenue
Indialantic, FL 32903
(321) 729-9495

Is belief in an Afterlife merely a matter of faith, or can science prove the existence of an Afterlife?

This presentation by Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer and author of the eagerly awaited book “Never Letting Go” (Llewellyn 10/8/2011) is for anyone who has wondered if there truly is life beyond physical death. Combining his spellbinding speaking style with colorful visual aids, Mark will discuss Survival of Consciousness studies and Near Death Experiences. This event is for anyone interested in learning more about “what happens when we die.” Mark, who was born with the ability to communicate with spirits, will also conduct a mediumship demonstration as part of the presentation. For more information on Mark’s book please view the author video at

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