Mark’s Book: Evidence Of Eternity

EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY: Communicating with Spirits for Proof of the Afterlife

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EVIDENCE OF ETERNITYCommunicating with Spirits for Proof of the Afterlife by Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® is groundbreaking. This uplifting journey into the afterlife removes fear and superstition surrounding spirit contact. This book is intelligent and entertaining in style and presents the scientific basis and theories concerning life after death, spirit communication (both human and animal), karma, and reincarnation.

Evidence of Eternity by Mark AnthonyEvery chapter of this incredible book features enlightening and comforting stories of Mark helping people communicate with passed-on loved ones. EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY also tackles many questions and concepts about the afterlife—what it’s like for those who are there and their perspective on difficult subjects such as crime, homicide, and suicide.

Interwoven with these stories are new and innovative concepts developed by Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® which explains the nature of spirit communication in easy to understand language. Each concept is based on credible evidence and theories supported by his own research. EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY has been endorsed by the top near-death experience (NDE) researchers in the world including Dr. Kenneth Ring, who wrote, “There are many points of resonance and consistency between Mark’s work and the research on NDEs. The fascinating aspect of EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY is that messages from the other side take up the story after the NDE trail goes cold, but the two fit together like the proverbial hand and glove.”

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“Mark Anthony’s EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY is a truly fascinating account of his dual life as a practicing attorney and a psychic medium. Combining science, theoretical physics, physiology and theology, Mark does an amazing job of dispassionately presenting evidence of an afterlife while sensitively describing the inner world of a person with inexplicable talents. In all honesty, this is the most interesting book about the paranormal I have read in a long time.”
~Dr. Raymond Moody founder of Near-death Experience Research author of several books on the afterlife including the New York Times best-seller Life After Life

“For anyone who wonders whether it is possible to make contact with loved ones who have died, Mark Anthony is your man.  A well-known and very gifted medium (and a criminal attorney), Mark delivers the goods – and then some – in his latest book.  Evidence of Eternity is an absolutely riveting book, full of highly evidential and fascinating cases and much spiritual wisdom. I was unable to put it aside until I had read it at one sitting.  Five stars plus!”
~Kenneth Ring, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus University of Connecticut, Co-founder of IANDS (International Association for Near-death Studies) and New York Times best-selling author of Lessons from the Light

“This is one book you won’t want to miss! Mark Anthony is exceptionally qualified to write on this subject- he is a renowned psychic, medium, and attorney. He presents powerful evidence for the reality of an afterlife and that our deceased loved ones can communicate with us. This highly recommended and easy to read book contains a treasure trove of stories and insights that are powerful, inspiring, and could change your life.”
~Jeffrey Long, M.D., founder of NDERF (Near-death Experience Research Foundation) and author of the New York Times best-selling Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences.

EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY is a riveting book opening your heart and mind to the realities of an invisible world waiting to help us. This book is unforgettable. The stories are astonishing. The message is empowering. Read this right now!”
~Dr. Joe Vitale author of the New York Times best-selling Zero Limits and star of “The Secret”

“Mark Anthony is a master in inter-dimensional communication. In EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY, he opens the portal to the other side through his actual conversations between those who have passed and the people that care about them. Mark addresses murder, suicide, death of children and unresolved family issues with a mix of passion and logic like no other. We are urged to pay attention to these messages and be aware that spirits are all around us. The anecdotes were so fascinating, that I couldn’t put it down.”
~William Buhlman of The Monroe Institute for Out of Body Experiences and author of the New York Times best-selling Adventures in the Afterlife

“Few books in the area of metaphysics have I read that are more clear and thorough than EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY. The book excels in the big task of explaining the nature of things in a scholarly way and, at the same time, engages us in easy conversation on how our present experience can interact with the Other Side in a variety of uplifting ways. It off-loads a host of faith concepts that have been negatively freighted over time and provides a refreshing, de-mystifying understanding of “beingness”. Gone is the notion that death is the finish. Rather, we are reminded that energy is never created or destroyed; that our loved ones who were with us before still stand by our sides helping us, loving us, and aiding in our betterment. Moreover, we learn we have others who steadily work to benefit our growth and enlightenment. How amazingly positive.

EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY is provocative, stirring, endearing, and hopeful. Mark Anthony goes a long way to help us do what many want and need and that is — try to make sense of it all. For a guide to strong spiritual connection and means to personal discovery, this is a book you want to read.”
~Dr. My Haley, Widow of Alex Haley and Collaborator of the New York Times best seller Roots and Author of the best-seller The Treason of Mary Louvestre

“Mark Anthony has a real gift for Inter-dimensional Communication. His book, EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY, logically explains the afterlife all the while demonstrating that faith and science are not mutually exclusive.”
~Deborah King author of the New York Times best-seller Truth Heals

Never Letting Go, a Book by Mark Anthony, The Psychic Lawyer®


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About The AuthorMark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer®

The mission of Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® is to use his abilities as a medium, writer, and speaker to help those suffering with the loss of a loved one to realize that God exists, the Afterlife exists, our souls are immortal living beings, we can communicate with our loved ones in spirit and that when it is our time to leave this world we will be reunited with our loved ones in the Light.

Mark Anthony’s International best-selling, award winning and critically acclaimed book NEVER LETTING GO: Heal Grief with Help from the Other Side is the definitive guide to healing from the loss of a loved one. This riveting, inspirational and healing book is for anyone who has lost a loved one and is open to all people of all faiths.

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14 Responses to Mark’s Book: Evidence Of Eternity

  1. Janelle Berger says:

    I can’t wait for this book. I saw Mark speak at the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia. He was simply amazing.

  2. Johanna Carpenter says:

    I really can’t wait for this book to get here ! Mark is a really amazing man, with a beautiful gift. I’ve been to his
    sessions and have made contact with my Mom. So grateful !!!

  3. Johanna Carpenter says:

    Beautiful !!!

  4. Sue Beyer says:

    I can’t wait for this book! I love his book Never Letting Go. Mark has an amazing gift. I have had a reading with him, and it has brought me much healing and peace.

  5. Janelle Berger says:

    I just read Evidence of Eternity TWICE! I have read a lot of books about the afterlife and spirituality but this is hands down the best! Mark not only discusses the afterlife, he explains spirit communication in such a logical manner. He makes so much sense. This book really does take the fear away from contacting spirits and reaffirms that life is truly everlasting.

  6. Candice Kleinschnitz says:

    I read a lot of books about spirituality and the afterlife. This is the best. It is so different from books by all the other mediums. It presents the facts and evidence and gives plausible scientific explanations about the afterlife and about how people can communicate with souls. Mark’s writing style is so engaging it is a joy to read.

  7. Angela Jean Salomone Himbaugh says:

    I am a widow of three years now. I first read Mark’s book “Never Letting Go”. The result being so much comfort to my grieving heart. His recent book, “Evidence of Eternity” has re-enforced my healing. The revelations of his connecting people with loved ones who have passed has a certain loving power that instills a faith that I will meet my loved ones again. I, also, have a Catholic upbringing, as Mark. As such, we are taught there is eternal life. Yet the experiences of which Mark speaks also give me more of a tangible feeling, The chapters in this book deal with a variety of subject matters regarding different types of losses. It just may be a source of consolation for many different types of grieving. Most sincerely

  8. Kim M Jones says:

    I look forward to Mr. Anthony’s newest book & am grateful for the opportunity to be able to learn more about this amazing gift we have to connect with our loved ones.

  9. Leanne Fayne says:

    I found Evidence of Eternity to be extremely healing. I lost a loved one to suicide and this book removed the judgment from looking at suicide. So many people told me that he would go to hell and in my heart I never believed that. After reading this excellent book, I have hope and understanding that makes each day just a little bit brighter.

  10. RT says:

    EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY is an astounding work. A must read. Our soul and life after death what many of us are taught through our belief systems and religions., Yet, EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY not only confirms our spiritual belief systems, but in addition,explains many facets of the afterlife in a scientific, physiological and logical manner through evidence and new terms which Mark Anthony has researched and developed in page turning stories. Great book Mark!

  11. CJ Frankel says:

    I picked up your book, ” Evidence of Eternity” and immediately I knew it was, “the one!” I have never been so intrigued by a book I never wanted to put it down! So many thing’s came together that made complete sense! Mostly the bathroom thing. 🙂 I read your book faster than any other book I’ve read. I could go on, but ultimately I’d just like to let you know that I’m happy you wrote it, and you wrote it well! Thanks, Crystal.

  12. Denise Patson says:

    These books saved my life. I lost my Mom, brother and son all in the same year. I was crushed and didn’t want to go on. I found Never Letting Go and read it in one day. I couldn’t wait to get Evidence of Eternity and it answer so many questions. Thank you so much Mr. Anthony for writing these books. I can’t wait until your next book!

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  14. JOY WINDFELDER says:


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