Across the Big Pond Evidence of Eternity makes a Big Splash in the UK!

Spirituality Today from the United Kingdom has given Evidence of Eternity a rave review:

Not everyone believes in the afterlife. They would do if they read this book!

Throughout its pages, Mark Anthony comes over as a psychic medium with quite extra-ordinary skills. Many psychic mediums have written books about their experiences but very few are quite as enlightening or convincing as this one!

Interwoven with personal accounts of readings with clients and spiritual information gleaned from the spirits, Anthony creates a multi-dimensional image of life after death.

Whilst many of the stories that he tells are harrowing, and even shocking at times, they provide a rich and varied perspective on what is often seen as a taboo subject.

Despite this, Mark Anthony soldiers on in his quest to find the truth and the result is a life that is extremely rich and varied. Some of the stories that he includes in this book are priceless along with the extra-ordinary insights that he gleans from the lives of the people that he meets both as a psychic medium and defense lawyer.

The result is a book that is immensely readable, extremely thought provoking and richly rewarding.

A gloriously challenging journey of insight and revelation for anyone seeking to understand the afterlife.



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