Mark Anthony Tagged in Ghost Voices Magazine Search for Gifted Medium

Ghost Voices Magazine is one of the country’s leading publication on the subject of ghosts and haunting phenomena. Brought to you by a dedicated team comprising of both believers and skeptics, Ghost Voices Magazine aims to give the reader a no-nonsense look at all things haunted.

Ghost Voices Magazine was launched in January 2009 and is the only magazine on the market to focus completely on ghosts and haunting phenomena. Featuring a variety of articles from folklore tales and interviews with paranormal experts through to the scientific investigation of ghostly activity, Ghost Voices Magazine appeals to all who have an interest in the paranormal. Ghost Voices is continuing to grow rapidly.

Currently Ghost Voice Magazine is searching for the most gifted mediums to join there Ghost Voices Medium Team . Mark Anthony recently was added to the list of mediums to possible join that team.

Take a look at mark’s submission here.

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