Mark Anthony Appearance on Dresser After Dark Radio 08/09

Mark Anthony discusses his book Never Letting Go. Michael Dresser and Mark discuss various ways people deal or don’t deal with grief.

About Host


Michael Dresser, born in Chicago, Illinois, and now living in the Milwaukee area, was raised in the Los Angeles area of Southern California. He came to Fairbanks, Alaska in January, 1983 for a short visit, fell in love with the Interior and made it his home for 23 years. A pioneer in the development of talk radio in Fairbanks, Michael began his journey in radio on a Saturday night at 10:00 pm, reading from a script. He threw away the script after the first half hour and the rest was history!

Michael’s show has evolved over the years into an entertaining and thought-provoking something for everyone, featuring daily guests from all over the country and covering such topics as health and fitness, diet and nutrition, parenting, education, social networking, travel, business and finances as well as political and historical perspectives.  On his talk radio show, Michael is well known for getting to the heart of the issue at hand as well as entering the realm of possibility.

With an innate curiosity for the world around him, Michael incorporates many interests into his busy life. The former owner of many successful businesses, Michael now devotes his time to his career as a nationally recognized syndicated talk show host as well as being sought after in the industry for his media interview training, helping clients with varied agendas get to the core of their message with precision and confidence.

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