Mark Anthony’s Apperance on After the Superbowl Psychic Connection: “Max and Friends Live” with Host Max Tucci

After the Superbowl Max Tucci interviewed Mark Anthony about the best selling book “Never Letting Go” and about all things metaphysical.

About Max Tucci
Max landed a radio show 2theMAX (a affluent lifestyle show) on BBS Talk Radio. 2theMAX ran for a year. Due to Max’s demanding travel schedule, Max was in need of a co-host. “What you are looking for, is looking for you” Max always says. In which, Tamara Bowman was looking for Max and  Max was looking for Tamara. “MAX & Friends” was established shortly after their introduction and the show moved to LA Talk Radio. Tune in Live! to “Max & Friends!” on every Sunday night at 8pm PT 11pm ET!

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