The West Memphis 3: Failure of America’s Justice System?

In 1994 three teenagers were convicted of the brutal murders of three cub scouts in 1993. Evidence against them was questionable at best and relied heavily on coerced confessions of a boy with an IQ of 72, and suspicions on another teen because he read books by Anne Rice, Steven King and Witchcraft. Oh, and he looked like a “Goth.”

In 2007 the DNA evidence was challenged and now the Prosecutor and the Defense entered into a plea bargain releasing these men. The catch is that they still had to plead guilty, but through a legal device known as an “Alford Plea” they could maintain their innocence.

Find out more about this compelling story tonight at midnight Eastern (11 CST)  on Dave Schrader’s Darkness Radio. Even if you aren’t in Minnesota, this world famous show streams on the net:

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