Never Letting Go Author Video

Realizing that life transcends death is the first powerful lesson in this engaging and uplifting guide to healing from grief. Evidence of the soul’s immortality is illustrated in Mark Anthony’s moving accounts of delivering life-affirming messages of forgiveness, gratitude, hope, and comfort from loved ones on the Other Side. By sharing his experiences and wisdom as a psychic lawyer and medium, Anthony reveals the healing nature of spirit communication and the rewards of opening our hearts to beloved friends and family in spirit.

What makes Never Letting Go unique? First, spirits are the real heroes of this book. Through the readings he has conducted, Mark demonstrates how the personality and love of a spirit transcends physical death. He also explains how “contact experiences” which may include sensing a familiar presence, hearing a loving voice, or actually glimpsing your loved one is real. Spirits come to the bereaved to solve issues between Heaven and Earth. That is because spirits continue to love people here in the material world.

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